“Elegant Odissi dance of Guru Shradha”
Rachel Howard, Famed SF Dance Critic, 2008 for the West Wave Festival performance

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Upcoming Events

Guru Shradha’s Debut in Odissi International Festivals in India

Dec 21st:
Guru Shradha students, Rasika Kumar and Divya Saha perform solos in the Odissi International 2011 Festival in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Dec 22nd:
Niharika Mohanty performs solo and Guru Shradha performs as a group in the Odissi International 2011 Festival in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Dec 24th
: Guru Shradha student Divya Saha and Niharika Mohanty perform solo in the IPAP/GKMORC International Odissi Festival in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Dec 30th:
Guru Shradha performs Guruji’s dance drama, Dashaanan, as a special tribute to Guruji in the finale of the IPAP/GKMORC International Odissi Festival, featuring Guru Ratikant Mohapatra, Sujata Mohapatra, and Niharika Mohanty in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


Samsmaranam/Kelucharan Keerti Sampradaya 2012 Festival: April 7th and 8th
Presented by Srjan and Guru Shradha In Collaboration with Abhinaya Dance Company

Samsmaranam/Kelucharan Keerti Sampradaya 2012 Festival featuring special tribute pieces by eminent artists who revered Guruji and his disciples in the West.

Samsmaram has been held yearly on Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra's death anniversary, in different cities in India organized by Srjan and Guruji’s local disciples. Srjan and Guru Shradha plan to hold this event in the US in 2012 so that Guruji’s Odissi family and well-wishers in the West could gather to pay respects to such a renowned figure in Indian classical dance. Guru Shradha’s yearly tribute festival, Kelucharan Keerti Sampradaya also coincides with this event.

April 7th: Place and Time TBD
Gathering of Guruji’s disciples and those who have revered him to pay tribute to him on his death anniversary with a humble offering to him, sharing words and memories of him and a video about Guruji presented by Guruji’s son, Guru Ratikant Mohapatra.

April 8th: McAfee Theater, Saratoga: 10am - 8pm
Performances throughout the day by eminent artists who admired Guruji and his disciples who are coming specially for this event from various places in North America and Guru Shradha, Guruji’s institute in the US.

Other Events

June 10th: Niharika Mohanty performs as part of 1 in 11 program for the Chinmaya Mission collaborating with several Bay Area artists.

Event Booking

Dance Performances:
Guru Shradha performs in various types of paid events of all sizes and a variety of venues. 

Dance as an Offering:
As a non-profit public organization, Guru Shradha also offers free public events especially as part of Bay Area National Dance week in order to bring more awareness to the Odissi dance form and Guru Shradha's work; and its own annual program/festival. Guru Shradha also values offering dance for spiritual occasions, fundraisers and for community services as in senior homes and libraries.

Dance in Education:
Guru Shradha goes to schools, universities, museums, galleries, libraries, etc. educating new audiences through lecture/demonstrations and workshops about Odissi, Indian dance, religious aspects of the dance, etc. catering to the specific audiences and relevant topics of study.

Please contact us for information on booking Guru Shradha for your event.

Past Events

Guru Shradha has four levels of performing groups who are working at the art of group performance simultaneously with the art of dance. This institution is also developing confident soloists who really are working on bringing in their individual personality onto the stage. Some of Guru Shradha’s soloists are Esha Bandyopadhyay, Jane Simmons, Akanksha Kejriwal, Shradha Balakrishnan, Urmila Chatterjee and Divya Saha, a younger soloist.

Significant Performances

Dance in Education
Guru Shradha is working to develop a Dance in Education program for the organization to bring awareness to and appreciation by the larger community about Odissi and Indian dance, in general, by presenting in museums, universities and schools.

Events with Guest Artists

Guru Shradha has organized special events and tours which especially honor dearly beloved Guruji. Guru Shradha also hopes to support Odissi artists in North America and in India.


“The arrangements were absolutely delightful and the costumes of the dancers upon the stage were stunning to say the least.  The young dancers danced to the unmeasured invocatory verses, and then the traditional Pallavi, Batu and the Dasavatar of poet Jayadeva, every student exhibiting her keenness and excitement at the opportunity provided to them by the opening of such an institute. The professional presentations of Yugmadwanda Pallavi and an Oriya abhinaya number were performed by Niharika Mohanty and Sujata Mohapatra. They each performed with a mastery that melted the hearts of the onlookers. While the Jugalbandi in the pallavi danced by Niharika was captivating, the Kede Chhanda Abhinaya of Sujata glowed with a brilliant promise that the future of Odissi is intact, and Guruji's mission has the continuum.  His research work will go on and on and the stage is set for those in his trail to carry on with zest and intensity, the lifeworks of this great master.”

Vishal Ramani
is the Artistic Director of Shri Krupa Dance Foundation of San Jose, CA.


“Wednesday’s “DanceWave 2" did not reach such a consistent standard, but I enjoyed Alayna Stroud’s artful pole dance (no, not the naughty kind) and the elegant Odissi dance of Guru Shradha.”

Rachel Howard
is SF dance critic, writer and teacher.